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Twenty Four Systems Mobile Surveillance Vehicle or ‘MSV’  is a high-Quality concept  that provides Law Enforcement and other security agencies with maximum flexibility to monitor situations in different areas without the need for a permanent CCTV  Infrastructure. They are designed to supplement the existing surveillance methodology by reaching locations where the static system cannot reach.


A device for city or remote surveillance, the MSV is used for the purpose of observing people , places, objects or vehicles. It helps in obtaining information, evidence, identification and proof of association and activities.


As it is a mobile Unit, it can be deployed quickly at any location that requires monitoring at any time.  Such instances include; rallies, large events, VIP movements, ground Zero and mob movements etc.


When used as “high-Profile” overt units , the MSV’s not only deter antisocial behavior  but also provide a visible sign to residents and victims of antisocial behavior that the  authorities are tackling the issue.

Key Feature List

  • Deters Anti Social Behavior
  • Disrupts and Prevents Street Crime
  • Provides crowd control
  • Offers disaster management tools and emergency planning
  • Provides Traffic control
  • Provides Border security
  • Furnishes evidence and proof finder
  • Can be integrated with City surveillance systems
  • Monitors VIP movements
  • Controls large-scale events, such as cricket matches or public rallies
  • Provides project site site monitoring, such as for oil exploration and drilling sites
  • Monitors open pit mining sites in remote locations
  • Monitors large building construction sites
  • Monitors rescue operations arising from disasters like fires earthquakes floods etc.